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Chobani: Competitive Media Expenditure Analysis & Non-Traditional Recommendations December 6, 2011

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Back to Media Planning and the Chobani campaign.  We were asked to complete a media expenditure analysis, analyzing Chobani’s advertising expenditures as well as its competitors.  After the analysis, we had to get creative and come up with our own event that will promote Chobani.  Read the analysis below, or click the link to view it through Word document.MediaExpenditureExam3



Competitive Media Expenditure Analysis & Non -Traditional Recommendations

By Erica Totten
A1)     Chobani Yogurt increased overall spending for advertising by $12,791,000 from 2009 to 2011. To increase awareness, Chobani advertised on network, spot, syndicated, and cable TV in 2011 to keep up with competitors. Most of Chobani’s competitors reached out to these media categories.  Fage did not spend nearly as much as Chobani on advertising. In 2009 and 2010, Fage’s budget spent about a third of Chobani’s 2011 advertising budget. Activia increased its advertising spending on yogurt to $63,000,000 in 2008, which was double its budget in 2006. Activia used network, spot, and cable television advertising in 2006 but increased spending in 2008 to include magazine and syndicated television advertising in the media plan. Breyers Yogurt budget decreased by one-third from 2000 to 2003 because it no longer advertised in magazines, network TV, and cable TV.
A2)     Most yogurt companies use magazine, network, spot, and cable television advertising. “Magazine advertising offers high quality production and color, flexible scheduling, selective readership, and flexibility in format. Readers can linger over advertisements, developing a more lasting effect with potential customers. Television allows the use of demonstration and visuals, has mass coverage, has a bigger impact on consumers with the combination of sight and sound, is versatile and has a higher repetition rate” (pg. 56). In a recent study, “when asked what media boosted awareness, 43 percent of those questioned said television. Television was named by 40 percent for increasing interest and 35 percent for increasing purchase consideration. Television made 33 percent want to purchase, 32 percent visit a Web site or store and 26 percent ultimately make a purchase” (Lafayette). (more…)


Chobani Google Ad Words December 5, 2011

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My media planning class has taken up a client, Chobani Yogurt, and has worked on different real-life projects, including this one which explores online advertising.  Google Ad Words is a cheap and efficient way of advertising through search engines.  I chose key words that Chobani could use if they chose to advertise through Google Ad Words and elaborated on the importance of each key word.  I concluded with a thorough discussion of Google Ad Words in Chobani’s advertising campaign.  Click the link to view the project.