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Recommendations December 5, 2011

Tell me what you think about me as a student, athlete, co-worker, etc.  Leave a comment and be sure to include your name and title.  Your recommendations are greatly appreciated.  Thanks for sharing!


5 Responses to “Recommendations”

  1. Copied from my LinkedIn profile:

    “I swam with Erica for 4 years at the University of Arkansas and have always impressed by her extremely high work ethic and what an excellent teammate she makes. She puts everything she has into whatever task is at hand, whether it is swimming or schoolwork. She would make an excellent employee and co-worker.”
    -Gina Bargiachi, Student, University of Arkansas at Fayetteville

  2. Copied from my LinkedIn profile:

    “From gathering information for our annual July Sourcebook to assisting with lifestyle events such as our seasonal Bride’s Night, Erica proved to be a friendly, diligent addition to our team of summer interns. Her attention to detail helped ensure that several projects were finished on time and to the highest degree of accuracy.”
    Top qualities: Personable, Good Value, On Time
    – Natalie Wearstler, Managing Editor at Jacksonville Magazine
    hired Erica as a Intern in 2011

  3. Justin Johnson, Academic Counselor for Athletics at the University of Arkansas Says:

    Erica exemplifies the meaning of student-athlete. She has managed to excel in the pool and the classroom due to her work ethic, leadership skills, and positive attitude. She always strives to put others before herself and has a great rapport with her teammates, coaches, and professors. I highly recommend Erica and know that she will be a great contribution to the field.

  4. jamielmarks Says:

    I have known Erica since we were 15 years old, training at the Bolles School together. The first time I met her, she saw me sitting alone and went out of her way to include me and make me feel accepted in the group. To this day, as teammates at the University of Arkansas, Erica has so many adoring friends because she has bent over backwards for them, and she is constantly making new friends with her outgoing and enthusiastic personality. For this quality alone, she would be able to make many positive business connections, and she is very well spoken, making her a great candidate for any communications-related career. But that is not all that Erica embodies, she always makes sure that everything is done in a precise and overachieving manner; from her swim training regime to her school work. Her hard work mentality and attention to detail would be beneficial to any work place.

    -Jamie Marks, student at the University of Arkansas and close friend of Erica and her family

  5. Ryan Arabejo Says:

    Erica and I were both part of Philippine National Swimming Team and I got to know her really well during those times. I also went to the same high school as her. I see Erica as a person who exemplifies the skills needed in a job. She has a very good work ethic. Swimming with her day in and day out made me realize how hard she works and that she will push through the hardest practices we have. She would not stop until she gets everything that needs to be done, done. Her communications skills are terrific and she will definitely get along with anyone. It is sad to know that the Philippine National Swimming Team will lose one of its most hardworking athletes to venture in another career that will define her in the future. She is also the type of person that will care for you no matter what the circumstances are. She will be there in your side through all the good times and the bad. I can remember her in 2007 when I qualified for the Olympics. Erica was crying because she was so happy that I made it to the Olympics. I have never seen anyone cry like that besides my family. Erica is definitely a friend that should be kept forever. Being a co-athlete, I know that she will be a great fit for any position in any job. Her international achievements in swimming and her academics is a testament of her hard work and the time management capabilities she have. Any company would not regret hiring her as an employee.
    -Ryan Arabejo, 2008 Beijing Olympian and a student of Political Science at Drury University

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